Choir Fees

Each year students are required to pay the THS Choir Fee to cover rentals and expenses for items needed throughout the year. 

To view the list of what is included in the fee, please visit the "Documents" page and select "Choir Fees."

Please click the button below to go to RevTrak and pay your child's choir fee. Please be sure you select the choir fee. Students in Treble Choir (1st period), Tenor-Bass Choir (2nd Period), and Advanced Treble Choir (4th Period) are considered "Non-Varsity." Students in Chorale (3rd period) are considered "Varsity" and should pay the appropriate fee. However, students in a non-varsity class who wish to audition for the All-State process will want to select the "Varsity" fee as it includes the cost of the audition entry.