What is the All-State process?

The Texas All-State process is one of the most competitive events in the state and is the highest honor a singer can achieve while studying music in high school. Students must learn advanced-level music and then sing cuts of it in a blind audition against other students in our region, and in our area in the final rounds.

When do I learn the music?

Most of the music is not taught in class. Occassionally, a choir may sing one of the pieces if appropriate, however, music is taught in sectionals outside of school. The best way to learn the music, is to sign up for private voice lessons and get one-on-one instruction with a private teacher. Please see the "Voice Lessons" page for a list of recommended teachers.

There are also many "All-State Camps" offered throughout the summer at universities and organizations around the state. Check the "All-State Camps" tab to view some of the recommended camps.

Are Practice tracks available?

Yes! Please contact Mr. Miner and he will send you a Google File with your voice part as well as the piano accompaniments for ALL the pieces.

Where are the auditions? What music do I learn for each round?

Check out the "Audition Schedule" page for dates, locations, and pieces selected for each audition round.

Is there an error in my music? Where do I breathe?

Some conductors have specified specific markings they wish for singers to have in their music. They also find errors in either the score, or in the practice recordings. Please always refer to the TMEA website to get the most up-to-date information regarding erratas.